Tagging & Editing Photos in Photos macOS Sierra

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Improve the quality of your photos with the tagging and editing tools in macOS Sierra's Photos app. Discover how to add information and locations to your photos, how to crop and resize them, and even how to use advanced editing tools.


  • update photo information in the Photos app
    add locations to your photos
    tag people in the Photos app
    retouch photos in the Photos app
  • do more with photo editing in the Photos app
    remove red eyes in the Photo app
    annotate photos in the Markup extension


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    1.  Updating photo information in Photos for macOS Sierra
    3m 13s
    Each photo has information attached such as the file name, size as well as time and date it was created. The Photos app on macOS Sierra enables you to add information such as a description and tags. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Adding a location in Photos for macOS Sierra
    3m 23s
    macOS Sierra Photos allows you to add places to your photos. This will enable to view images from the same location and search for images more easily. See how to add, edit and remove places to your photos. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Tagging people in Photos for macOS Sierra
    5m 13s
    The Photos application allows you to tag people in your photos. After you tag people the application will automatically find the individual in other photos in your library and group them together. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Retouching photos in Photos for macOS Sierra
    4m 5s
    If you want to edit your photos, the Photos application has many tools to help improve your images appearance. See how to revise and adjust the color of your photos by using the enhance tool or by adding a filter to give… FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Going further with photo editing in Photos for macOS Sierra
    3m 33s
    If you have a photo that needs closer editing you can use the retouch tool in the Photos application. See how to make more precise corrections as well as reset a photo to its default state. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Removing red-eyes in Photos for macOS Sierra
    2m 14s
    The Photos application includes a red-eye correction tool that will help make your portraits and selfies perfect. See how to get rid of red-eyes in your photos with ease. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Annotating photos in Photos for macOS Sierra
    4m 25s
    The Markup extension in Photos will allow you to annotate and comment on your photos directly. See how to access and use the annotation tools with the Photos application. FREE ACCESS


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