Taking Stock of Your Work/Life Balance

  • 7 videos | 17m 6s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Certification PMI PDU
People with a healthy work-life balance are satisfied with both their work and home lives. They can fulfill their multiple family responsibilities at home, as well as work and community commitments without guilt or regret. They're healthy physically, emotionally, and socially. They're not over-worked. In fact, they have a sense of control over their life, and feel that the decisions they make are informed choices. In this course, you'll learn about how to detect imbalance between home and work and how to achieve a healthy compromise between work balance and life balance. And you'll assess your current work/life balance so you can overcome internal and external obstacles to achieving harmony.


  • Recognize common symptoms of an out-of-balance life
    Recognize the benefits of achieving a healthy work/life balance
    Identify the elements to analyze when assessing your work/life balance
  • Identify elements of a technique to effectively balance the demands of work and your private life
    Identify examples of internal and external obstacles
    Overcome an external obstacle in a given scenario


  • 42s
  • 2m 43s
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    3.  The Benefits that Come from Being in Balance
    2m 42s
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    4.  How Is Your Work/Life Balance?
    3m 9s
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    5.  The Battle between Your Work and Private Life
    2m 16s
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    6.  The Barriers that Make Change Difficult
    2m 48s
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    7.  Overcoming External Obstacles
    2m 46s