Trimming & Editing a Video in Adobe Premiere Elements 13

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Premiere Elements 13 includes a number of tools to help you edit your movies. Learn how to use markers, work with tracks, and use the built-in Smart Trim, Instant Movie, and Video Story tools.


  • Inserting markers
    Adding different file types
    Adding & removing tracks
    Trimming video clips
    Changing the duration of your movie
    Inserting transitions
  • Marking your favorite moments
    Restoring your edits
    Using Smart Trim
    Creating an Instant Movie
    Creating a Video Story


  • 6m 28s
    You can add markers to your video to indicate significant points or moments in your video clips or movies like a particular action or sound. You can set different types of markers like Beat or Timeline markers. You can also add numbered markers to easily jump from marker to marker throughout your movie. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 9s
    To begin creating your Premiere Elements movie project, you need to add files to your Work Area. You can add different types of files like videos, photos and audio files. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Adding & removing tracks in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    5m 34s
    It is important to understand how to use the tracks in your Work Area in order to be able to merge or superimpose your different video clips to create your movie. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Trimming video clips in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    5m 5s
    To start editing in Adobe Premiere Elements, you can trim any part of your video by using the trimming tool. You can then delete the isolated clip or move it to another place in your video in order to integrate your video clips in any order that you like. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Changing the duration of your movie in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    5m 45s
    In Adobe Premiere Elements, you can change the duration of your video clips by simply using your Timeline cursor or by using the Trim tool. You can also change clip speed and duration by using the Time Stretch tool. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Inserting transitions in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    5m 16s
    Inserting transitions is a good way to avoid abrupt changes between two shots. In Adobe Premiere Elements, you have a vast choice of transitions that you can add to your movies to make the transition smooth between two segments. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Marking your favorite moments in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    4m 44s
    In Premiere Elements, you can mark and extract your favorite moments from any video clip as a collated video or as individual clips. You can choose to mark the moments yourself or you can use the Automark tool to have the video marked automatically. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Restoring your edits in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    6m 2s
    All actions that you perform in Adobe Premiere Elements can be undone or redone by using the Undo or Redo buttons. Each action that you perform can also be viewed in the History menu. From this menu, you can access a specific point where you made an edit in your project and restore your project as it was at that particular moment. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Using Smart Trim in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    3m 24s
    You can improve the quality of your video by deleting the areas marked as having problems like being out of focus or shaky. Using the Smart Trim tool helps you identify these potential problematic areas in order to help you edit your movie quickly and easily. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Creating an Instant Movie in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    7m 28s
    In Adobe Premiere Elements, you can create an Instant Movie using a pre-set template. These themes contain sound effects and transitions to add a certain style to your movie. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Creating a Video Story in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    8m 11s
    You can tell a story about an event in your life by using the Video Story tool in Adobe Premiere Elements. You will see how to add a theme and your different media files to different chapters and how to add captions or filters. FREE ACCESS


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