Using Boards to Organize Documents in Delve Office 365

Delve Office 365    |    Intermediate
  • 5 videos | 20m 20s
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You use the board feature in Delve to group and organize documents. Discover how to create and work with boards, including adding documents, sharing boards, and viewing boards from your contacts.


  • Create boards in delve
    Add documents to a board in delve
    Find and open your boards in delve
  • Share specific boards in delve
    View a contact's board


  • 4m 48s
    In Delve, you can use the board feature to easily organize and access certain documents that you want to bookmark. Each board has a title and you can add as many documents to it as you like, whether they be your personal documents or shared documents. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 4s
    In Delve, boards are used to group together documents covering the same topic or theme. You can add as many documents as you like to the board and you can even add the same document to several boards. Once you add a document to a board, you can view it in the Favorites section, remove it from the board or move it to a different board. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Finding & opening your boards in Delve Office 365
    3m 33s
    Once you have started creating boards in Delve, you need to know how to find them. You will see the different ways to easily access and find your boards that you have created. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Sharing a board in Delve Office 365
    3m 41s
    In general, your boards that you create in Delve can be viewed by anyone in your network. However, if you want to share a specific board with someone or several people, you can share it with them by emailing a link. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Viewing a contact's board in Delve Office 365
    3m 15s
    Once you or your contacts create boards, anyone in your network can view them. You can view any documents within a contact's board that have been shared with you and can add the board to your favorites for easy and quick access. FREE ACCESS


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