Using Chrome on an Android 8.0 Device

Android 8.0    |    Beginner
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The Android 8 default browser is Google Chrome, which allows you to view websites and access Google's powerful search engine all in one location. During this course you will learn how to familiarize yourself with Chrome's interface and navigation; browse the internet, open links, and zoom in more fluidly with the Android touch screen. Content covers how to access multiple tabs and browse multiple websites simultaneously; open, close, and reorganize your internet activity tabs; download images from the internet; use the find feature. Other topics include how to browse anonymously via the "IN Private" mode; change to desktop view; configure the Chrome environment; modify the search engine, application notifications, auto save passwords, privacy settings, handicap accessibility options, and internet browsing history.


  • open Chrome and access a website from your Android device
    browse a website on your Android device
    browse a website on your Android device
    download an image from the internet to your Android device
  • manage your browsing history in Chrome
    configure the Google Chrome application
    manage the Google Chrome advanced settings


  • 4m 2s
    The Google Chrome application allows you to access the internet from your Android 8 device. Once open you can use the app to search with Google, access websites and use the suggestions to see what's trending. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 18s
    Using Google Chrome to browse the internet on your Android 8 device is made even easier when you use the touchscreen gestures to browse a website, open links and zoom in to see content more easily. In this video, you'll also see how to use the find feature and change the website's view to a desktop. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Browsing multiple sites in Android 8.0
    3m 50s
    Opening multiple tabs in Chrom will allow you to browse multiple websites simultaneously. You can also change the order of the different tabs and close tabs that you no longer need. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Downloading an image from the internet in Android 8.0
    3m 34s
    You can use the Chrome app to download images from the web to your Android 8 device. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Managing your browsing history in Android 8.0
    5m 42s
    While you browse the internet Google Chrome automatically saves your browsing data to your browsing history, allowing you to get back to recently-visited sites quickly and easily. If you don't want Google Chrome to store this information, you can use the InPrivate mode to browse anonymously. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Configuring the Google Chrome application in Android 8.0
    5m 55s
    The Google Chrome application settings allow you to change the search engine, modify the application notifications and automatically save passwords to avoid you have to enter the same information when signing in to your various accounts. You can also manage your browsing history and activity by choosing to keep or delete your activity data. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Managing the Google Chrome advanced settings in Android 8.0
    4m 13s
    As well as the basic settings you can also manage the advanced settings in the Google Chrome application. The advanced settings will allow you to manage the accessibility of the application on your device and configure the settings for all the sites you've visited. You can also manage the privacy settings to improve your browsing experience. FREE ACCESS


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