Using Collaboration Tools in OneNote iPad

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Notes in OneNote for iPad can be shared and edited with others on your team. Discover how to use password protection to lock a section, and share notebooks via email and on a social network.


  • use password protection to lock sections in OneNote for iPad
    send notes by email in OneNote for iPad
  • open notebooks via shared email in OneNote for iPad
    share links in notes in OneNote for iPad


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    If you have shared your notebook with friends or colleagues in OneNote for iPad or you are working on a shared device, you can make sections of your notebook password protected. You will see how to add a password, open a locked section, change the password and remove the set password. FREE ACCESS
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    If you want to collaborate on a notebook or a note, you can send your notes to your colleagues or friends via email. You can share an entire notebook and allow the person to only view it or to be able to edit it. It is also possible to share only one page from your notebook, which will be sent as a pdf file. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Opening a notebook shared via email in OneNote iPad
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    If someone shares their OneNote notebook or a page of their notebook with you via email, you can open it in OneNote for iPad. Depending on the privacy permissions set, you may or may not be able to edit and add content. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Sharing a link to your notes in OneNote iPad
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    If you want to share your notebook with your friends or colleagues on a social network, you can copy the link to the clipboard and share it on your respective social media accounts. You can also generate a link that allows the person to edit and view your notebook or only to view it. FREE ACCESS


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