Using Google Chat 2021 for iOS

Google Chat 2021    |    Intermediate
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The Google Chat for iOS application lets you use all the tools and feature available for communicating and collaborating with your colleagues. This course will show you how to use the app on your iOS device to be able to create rooms and chats and manage them easily. You will also learn how to share and send files, photos, video meetings and events. Learn how to search for conversation content with the search tool and configure the app settings to optimize your experience.


  • discover the key concepts in the Google Chat 2021: Using Google Chat for iOS course
    get to know the Google Chat interface on your iOS device
    create individual and group conversations
    pin, hide, block chats and manage conversation options
    send messages and use the message options
    send a reaction, video meeting and event in a conversation
  • share images, photos and files from Google Drive
    create rooms and manage their members
    send messages, share files and assign tasks in a room
    join, leave and block rooms and define notification settings
    use the search tools to find message and other content
    configure the Chat settings and change your state


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    1.  Course Overview: Using Google Chat 2021 for iOS
    This video outlines the key content covered in the Using Google Chat for iOS course, including creating chats and rooms, sharing files and managing your conversations. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Discovering the Google Chat 2021 iOS interface
    3m 49s
    Before you start using Google Chat it's a good idea to get familiar with the app interface and its different elements. Discover where to find your conversations, rooms, collaboration tools and more. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating conversations in Google Chat 2021 for iOS
    3m 19s
    You can create conversations to be able to communicate with your organization's contacts. This video will show you how to start a one-to-one conversation or group chat and how to delete conversations you no longer… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Managing conversations in Google Chat 2021 for iOS
    3m 24s
    Once you start creating chats it's a good idea to manage them to stay organized. You can pin important conversations to find them quickly and hide conversations you aren't currently using. You also have the option… FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Sending messages in Google Chat 2021 for iOS
    3m 23s
    Sending messages allows you to collaborate and keep in contact with other people quickly and easily in Google Chat. Messages you send can be edited or deleted if necessary. You can also mention people in conversations to… FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Collaborating in a conversation using Google Chat 2021 for iOS
    3m 30s
    Google Chat makes it easy to collaborate and interact with others by letting you send Calendar events or even video meetings when you want to speak face-to-face with your colleagues. You can also let someone know what you… FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Sharing items in Google Chat 2021 for iOS
    2m 53s
    Google Chat lets you collaborate with others by uploading and sending files from Google Drive. You can also share images and photos in your conversations. Discover how to send messages to your inbox to save them. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Creating rooms in Google Chat 2021 for iOS
    4m 30s
    Google Chat rooms allow you to collaborate with your entire team and exchange ideas and files. This video will teach you how to create a room and manage its members. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Using rooms in Google Chat 2021 for iOS
    4m 38s
    Once you've created a virtual room in Google Chat you can use it in different ways to collaborate with your team. You can send messages, share files and assign tasks. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Managing rooms in Google Chat 2021 for iOS
    3m 29s
    As with one-to-one conversations, rooms can be managed in various ways in Google Chat. You can join new rooms and configure its notification settings. It's also possible to block a room if there is abusive content.… FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Using the search tool in Google Chat 2021 for iOS
    2m 41s
    You can easily find messages, files or other content with the search tool in Google Chat. Learn how to find content in chats and rooms. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Configuring settings with Google Chat 2021 for iOS
    3m 43s
    Google Chat gives you the option of configuring features by turning them on or off depending on your way of working. For example, you can turn off notifications. You can also choose your state to let others know when you… FREE ACCESS


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