Using Microsoft To-Do for iOS

Microsoft To-Do for iOS    |    Beginner
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Microsoft To-Do is available as an iOS app, for on-the-go task management. Find out how to get around the app, create, organize, and share your to-dos and task lists, and configure the app to suit your needs.


  • sign in and get to know the Microsoft To-Do app
    create and configure a Microsoft To-Do list
    create a Microsoft to-do
    plan a Microsoft to-do
    complete Microsoft To-Dos
  • manage Microsoft To-Dos
    plan your day in the Microsoft to-do app
    sort and filter Microsoft to-do
    create task steps in Microsoft to-do
    share Microsoft to-dos


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    1.  Signing in & getting to know the app
    4m 37s
    To begin using the To-Do application you will need your Office 365 login details. In this video, you will see how to find and sign in to the app and navigate its interface. You will also see how to close the app and log… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Creating & configuring a list
    5m 42s
    To-Do lets you add to-dos or tasks to the main to-do lists. However, to better organize and manage your to-dos you can create your own lists. In this video, you will see how to create, personalize and delete lists. You… FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating a to-do
    4m 28s
    Once you have created lists with Microsoft To-Do you can start adding to-do or tasks to them. In this video, you will how to create a new to-do, how to add a note to it or comment on it. You will also see how to delete… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Planning a to-do
    4m 52s
    Microsoft To-Do allows you to add deadlines to your different tasks to help you stay organized. You can also create recurring tasks for the recurring events in your schedule. This video will also show you how to add… FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Completing to-dos
    2m 39s
    To keep your lists up to date you can mark tasks as completed. In this video, you will see how to mark tasks as finished but also how to undo the action if necessary and how to hide completed to-dos. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Managing to-dos
    3m 53s
    Microsoft lets you organize and manage your different tasks. For example, you can change their order within a list and move them from one list to another. In this video, you will see how to manage multiple to-dos… FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Planning your day
    4m 35s
    When you open the Microsoft To-Do app by default your My day list view will open. When you add tasks to this list it's because you want them completed by the end of the day. Your My day list will be automatically… FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Sorting & filtering to-dos
    3m 22s
    If your lists contain a lot of tasks you can use the different sort options to organize them in different ways. You can also use keywords with the search tool to find specific to-dos. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Creating task steps
    3m 5s
    You may find that some of your tasks need to be broken down into separate parts. With Microsoft To-Do you can create steps that are linked to one to-do. In this video, you will see how to create steps, organize and manage… FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Sharing to-dos
    5m 19s
    Microsoft To-Do allows you to share your different to-do lists to be able to collaborate on them with other people. In this video, you will see how to share a to-do list, find lists that have been shared with you and… FREE ACCESS


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