Using Streams to Collaborate in Jive-n Cloud

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Learn the ropes of Jive-n's streams: manage your Activity Stream, create new custom and connection streams, and interact with other users in different ways as they post content and participate in the communities on the platform.


  • use activity streams in Jive-n
    create a connection stream in Jive-n
    update your status in Jive-n
    use hashtags in Jive-n
    use @mentions in Jive-n
    react to a post in Jive-n
    comment on a document in Jive-n
  • ask a question in Jive-n
    start a discussion in Jive-n
    conduct a poll in Jive-n
    create an idea in Jive-n
    send a private Jive-n message
    managing your Jive-n messages


  • 4m 8s
    The activity stream in Jive-n is an essential element used to communicate with other users in your company, department as well as your projects. See how to access, view, and use the different activity streams within Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 25s
    Connection streams are customizable activity streams that you can use to view the information that matters most to you. See how to create and use connection streams in Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Updating your status in Jive-n Cloud
    4m 47s
    Since Jive-n is both an intranet and a social network, its main function is to allow you to express yourself directly, in the form of a status update. See how to create a status update, add files or links to your post as well as where to find your past status updates in Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using hashtags in Jive-n Cloud
    3m 28s
    Hashtags are keywords. Preceded by the sign #, hashtag's tag an important subject in a post. It is important to know how to use them to find all similar posts about the same subject on your Jive-n network. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Using @mentions in Jive-n Cloud
    3m 10s
    A @mention is a way to tell your colleagues that the post is directed towards them. The Jive-n users you mention receive a notification of your post, even if they do not follow you, which encourages them to respond and interact with your post. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Reacting to a post in Jive-n Cloud
    2m 41s
    If you find a post interesting or you would like show you agree with a specific post, you can use one the reaction options available in Jive-n. See how to comment and "like" posts on Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Commenting on a document in Jive-n Cloud
    5m 2s
    In addition to posting statuses, it is possible to publish documents, ideas or other types of items on Jive-n. For better collaboration, see how to comment on this type of post, and insert various elements into your comment. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Asking a question in Jive-n Cloud
    6m 9s
    If you have a question regarding a specific topic, you can ask your question in a stream. See how to pose a question, view replies as well as reply to other questions asked in Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Starting a discussion in Jive-n Cloud
    5m 33s
    If you want to go more in depth with a topic, you can create a discussion. See how to post a discussion, view interactions as well as partake in discussions in Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Conducting a poll in Jive-n Cloud
    6m 53s
    Polls will help you make quick decisions or simply ask your staff for feedback on a topic. You can schedule a poll or post it immediately to your desired audience in Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Creating an idea in Jive-n Cloud
    5m 56s
    If you have an idea regarding a project or just a general suggestion, you can create an idea. See how to create ideas as well as vote up or down ideas proposed by others in Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Sending a private message in Jive-n Cloud
    5m 22s
    Even though Jive-n is a social intranet platform where you can share content publically, you can also send private messages. See how to communicate in private with your fellow users. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Managing your messages in Jive-n Cloud
    5m 52s
    Once you start receiving multiple messages it's important to know how to find and manage your private messages. See how to reply to messages, mark messages, add additional recipients and hide future activity to keep your Jive-n messages organized. FREE ACCESS


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