Using the Calendar Tools in Gmail Web (2017)

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Learn how to create events and reminders and manage and personalize your Google Calendar, an app that integrates with Gmail.


  • navigate the Gmail calendar tool
    create an event on your Gmail calendar
    manage event information on your Gmail calendar
    create a regular event on your Gmail calendar
    send event invitations with Gmail
    schedule meetings according to contact availability through your Gmail calendar
    respond to event invitations through Gmail and Google Calendar
    create a reminder through Google Calendar
    create an event from Gmail
  • create one or more calendars with the Google Calendar tool
    add colleagues' calendars to your Google Calendar application
    share your calendar with your Gmail contacts
    create and share appointment availability slots on your Google Calendar
    reserve a meeting time on an appointment slot shared from a colleague's calendar
    search through the events on your Gmail calendar
    print out your Gmail calendar
    modify your Gmail calendar options
    modify the view of your Gmail calendar


  • 4m 49s
    Once you have opened your Gmail inbox, you can very quickly open and begin using your calendar. This feature - another Google service - can be used to organize your meetings and appointments. But first of you will need to know how to use it. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 45s
    The Gmail calendar function can be used to create event entries. You can include such information as the start and end time, the location, and even a description of the event. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing your events
    4m 27s
    Once an event has been created, information can be added such as a precise location as well as attached documents. See how to edit and add information to existing events as well as remove events that are no longer needed in your calendar. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating a recurring event
    5m 48s
    The Gmail calendar function can also create recurring events. These are events that are repeated at regular intervals until a specified date. This can be very useful if you want to create a team meeting event that is held every month. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Organizing a meeting
    6m 5s
    If you are organizing an event with several people, such as a meeting, you can send an invitation. You can create and send invitations directly from the event page. Gmail enables you to use the calendar and address book simultaneously to communicate with your invitees. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Planning a meeting
    4m 8s
    When creating a meeting with multiple participants, it's important to check their availabilities. See how to use the Google Calendar planning tool to schedule meetings. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Responding to an invitation
    If you've been invited to join an event, you have multiple options on how to respond via Gmail and Google Calendar. See how to RSVP and update your response if you're planning changes from your calendar directly. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Creating a reminder
    3m 59s
    Stay on top of your upcoming events and appointments by adding notifications in Google Calendar. See how to add, edit as well as view your notifications in your Gmail inbox. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Creating an event from an email
    2m 51s
    Whether you have flight information or even a delivery date, you can add this information to your calendar directly from your email. See how to create events from dates in your emails with Gmail. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Creating a calendar
    4m 12s
    The Gmail calendar function can be used to manage multiple calendars. Multiple calendars are useful if, for example, you like to keep your private and professional agendas separate. Once you have multiple calendars created, you can toggle them on and off at will. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Adding a calendar
    4m 54s
    You can add your colleagues' calendars as well as external contacts who have made their calendars public. See how to add calendars to the Google Calendar application. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Sharing calendars
    3m 58s
    Once you have created your calendar, you can share it with other individuals. This can be very useful if you want your contacts to stay informed regarding your schedule. The Gmail contacts list can be used to very quickly shared your calendar with your contacts. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Creating appointment slots
    4m 52s
    By creating appointment slots, you can create availability ranges that your contacts can reserve. See how to create appointment slots, and share the invitation link with your colleagues. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Reserving an appointment
    3m 23s
    Once appointment slots have been shared with you, you can find them and book appointments in your colleagues calendars. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Performing a search query
    3m 12s
    If you are looking for a particular event, you can search for it. The Gmail calendar feature comes complete with a search function which can be used to find events using dates, participants and other information included in the entry. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Printing or saving a calendar
    4m 43s
    Your Gmail calendar can also be printed. It is possible to adjust the standard printing and layout options. You can also download your calendar printout as a PDF. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Modifying your calendar settings
    3m 9s
    If you want to configure your Gmail Calendar settings you'll need to access the advanced options. From this area you can manage the reminders and notifications linked to the calendar. You'll also be able to modify the name, description and location of the calendars as well as delete those you no longer need. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Modifying the calendar view
    3m 51s
    In Gmail, you can modify your calendar in a number of ways. For example, you can adjust the time format, select the first day of the week and hide weekends. You can also customize the default calendar view to day, week or month. FREE ACCESS


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