Using the Calendar Tools in Gmail Web (2017)

Gmail Web (2017)    |    Beginner
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Learn how to create events and reminders and manage and personalize your Google Calendar, an app that integrates with Gmail.


  • navigate the Gmail calendar tool
    create an event on your Gmail calendar
    manage event information on your Gmail calendar
    create a regular event on your Gmail calendar
    send event invitations with Gmail
    schedule meetings according to contact availability through your Gmail calendar
    respond to event invitations through Gmail and Google Calendar
    create a reminder through Google Calendar
    create an event from Gmail
  • create one or more calendars with the Google Calendar tool
    add colleagues' calendars to your Google Calendar application
    share your calendar with your Gmail contacts
    create and share appointment availability slots on your Google Calendar
    reserve a meeting time on an appointment slot shared from a colleague's calendar
    search through the events on your Gmail calendar
    print out your Gmail calendar
    modify your Gmail calendar options
    modify the view of your Gmail calendar