Using the Collaboration Tools in Dropbox 2017 Web

Dropbox 2017 Web    |    Intermediate
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Dropbox offers a suite of collaboration tools to share and work on documents with other members of your team or organization. Find out how to create new documents in Dropbox Paper, share and edit documents, and add and manage comments.


  • create a new document in Paper
    use Paper
    share documents in Dropbox
    work together on a document from Dropbox
  • manage shared files in Dropbox
    add comments to files in Dropbox
    manage comments in files in Dropbox


  • 5m 14s
    As well as saving documents to Dropbox, you can also create them quickly and easily in Paper. You can create a text document or documents to help you brainstorm with your team, plan projects and write meeting notes. In this video, you will discover the different types of documents you can create and how to modify and delete a text document in Paper. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 13s
    Files that you create in Paper can be downloaded to your computer for you to be able to work on them offline. In this video, you will see how to manage your Paper files by moving, archiving and deleting them. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Sharing documents in Dropbox 2017 Web
    5m 25s
    You can share your files in Dropbox with other members by emailing them directly from your account. Or you can create a shared link for a file and copy and paste it to share it that way. Dropbox allows you to choose the different options each time you share a file, to keep your work protected. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Working together on a document in Dropbox 2017 Web
    6m 14s
    To work together with your team on different files you can share and comment on them, but you can also create documents with other members from Paper. Dropbox also allows you to request files you may need from friends and colleagues who don't necessarily have a Dropbox account. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Managing shared files in Dropbox 2017 Web
    5m 30s
    Dropbox allows you to manage the authorization of the files and folders in your account. This is especially useful if you want to edit or remove the share option from your files. If you are the team admin, you can manage the general sharing settings to allow the team to share files externally, edit external folders, and perform other actions. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Adding comments in Dropbox 2017 Web
    4m 27s
    To be able to work on documents effectively with others you can add comments to your files. In this video, will show you how to add comments, add mentions and reply to comments left by other people. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Managing comments in Dropbox 2017 Web
    2m 58s
    Adding comments to your files is a good way to work together with the members of your company on Dropbox. In this video, you will see how to disable comments, restore and resolve comments and delete any comments that are no longer relevant.  FREE ACCESS