Using the Contact Tools in IBM Sametime 9 Connect

IBM Sametime 9 (Connect)    |    Beginner
  • 4 videos | 17m 12s
Keeping your contacts organized and up-to-date can help you find the person or group of people you are looking for. Use IBM Sametime 9 Connect to create data-rich contact files, and use the export tool to back them up for safekeeping.


  • Search for contacts in ibm sametime
    Add and edit a contact in ibm sametime
  • Create contact group in ibm sametime
    Import and export contacts with ibm sametime


  • 4m 46s
    In order to interact with your contacts you'll need to know how to locate them. See how to search, find, sort and view your contacts list on IBM Sametime. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 58s
    You can add contacts to you IBM Sametime account from multiple locations. See how to add, edit and clean up your contacts list on Sametime. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating a contact group in IBM Sametime 9 (Connect)
    4m 32s
    If you have a large contact list it could be useful to organize your contacts into groups. See how to create, edit and manage your contact groups on IBM Sametime. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Importing & exporting contacts in IBM Sametime 9 (Connect)
    3m 55s
    IBM Sametime allows you to import contacts from a file or server. See how to import new contacts as well as export your current contact list as a file. FREE ACCESS