Using Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)

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Get the basics of the Microsoft Windows 10 platform. A window is the container that displays documents, files, and applications. In this course, you will see how to open, close, and hide windows, along with the resources that are on those windows. In Windows 10, you can control the size and location of your windows, so that you can use several windows at the same time. Conclude by learning how to use the full application interface with the scroll bar that appears on smaller windows.


  • close a Windows 10 window
    hide a Windows 10 window
    move a Windows 10 window
  • resize a Windows 10 window
    use scrollbars in Windows 10
    manage multiple windows simultaneously in Windows 10


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    1.  Closing a window in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    2m 38s
    In Windows 10, there are many different ways to close your windows and applications. Depending on the type of window that you'd like to close, there may be more than one way to do so. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Hiding a window in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    If there is a window that you want to keep open but is currently blocking your view of another open application or your desktop, you can minimize, or hide, the application in question. A minimized application can be… FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Moving a window in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    4m 3s
    The windows in Windows 10 are easy to use. You can keep multiple windows open, quickly move from one to another, and activate different applications and folders. You will see how to reposition your windows to manage… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Resizing a window in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    2m 5s
    The key to organizing your workspace in Windows 10 is knowing how to resize an active window. There are a number of different ways to adjust your window's dimensions - manually or automatically - depending on how you… FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Using scrollbars in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    3m 24s
    Sometimes the content of a window is greater than the window itself. This is often the case if you have resized your active window or are viewing multiple windows on a single screen. You will see how to use your… FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Managing multiple windows simultaneously in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    4m 27s
    Windows 10, there are several different ways you can reorganize and manage your active windows. This can be useful if you are working in multiple applications or folders at the same time. FREE ACCESS


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