Working with Team Members in Confluence Web

Confluence Web    |    Beginner
  • 6 videos | 25m 6s
  • Includes Assessment
Confluence empowers teams to work together in shared spaces. During this course, you will learn how a Confluence site administrator enables remote collaboration on project work and enterprise activities. Topics include how to facilitate real time team edits of documents; explore how to follow a team member and automatically receive their publications, track your own followers, and send a private message to your Confluence contact. The course also covers how to comment on publications, save and edit works, Solicit team input for decisions, update status, and assign responsibilities. You will learn how to manage team permissions for document access, as well as the ability to edit and delete documents.


  • Collaborate on a publication in confluence
    Follow people on confluence
    Find contact information in confluence
  • React to publications in confluence
    Create a decision in confluence
    Manage team permissions in confluence


  • 3m 13s
    One of the strengths of Confluence is that the platform allows page editing by several people at the same time. This promotes collaborative work once other users have been invited. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 52s
    Following a person will allow you to find the contact more quickly. You will find their latest publications on your profile page. In this module, you will also see how to manage your followers on Confluence. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Finding contact information in Confluence Web
    4m 43s
    Although a collaborative wiki, open to all members, Confluence allows you to quickly open a private message window from your default email provider. Before you compose your message, see how to find the person you want to write to. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Reacting to publications in Confluence Web
    3m 24s
    From your Confluence space, you can comment to indicate that you have found publications interesting. You can use the popular star button to save articles and return to edit them if you have the permission to do so. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating a decision in Confluence Web
    4m 28s
    Involve your team in decision-making. This is possible in a Confluence space. You'll also see how to update the status or dates of a decision, and assign actions to your employees. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Managing team permissions in Confluence Web
    5m 28s
    As a space creator, you will have the ability by default to determine simple permissions that members have. You can update permissions by allowing or denying certain actions, such as deleting attachments, editing or accessing pages. In this module you will see how to customize these user permissions. FREE ACCESS