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Business Intelligence with QlikView

Business Intelligence with QlikView

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QlikView helps business users be able to analyze their data quickly and easily using self-service BI visualization documents created and delivered by IT professionals and developers. QlikView offers many features to create engaging and graphical documents to provide answers to questions quickly and efficiently. This course will demonstrate how to install QlikView and customize it. It will also demonstrate how to create BI documents and add sheet objects, charts and tables, as well as how to manage the sheets within the document.

Target Audience
Business users and professionals looking to learn how to use QlikView to create BI visualizations in QlikView


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Lesson Objectives

Business Intelligence with QlikView

  • start the course
  • describe QlikView and how it is used for business intelligence
  • install QlikView
  • identify the parts of the QlikView user interface and how it can be customized
  • configure QlikView user and document settings
  • describe and connect to data sources in QlikView to create visualizations
  • consolidate multiple data sources into one QlikView visualization report
  • create and configure a Table box to select the columns to display in the QlikView visualization
  • create and configure a List box and Multibox to display certain elements in a QlikView visualization
  • create and configure an Input Box to enter data into QlikView variables and display their values
  • add the Statistics box object to a QlikView document to create summaries of the data
  • create other objects to specify elements of a QlikView visualization to display
  • view the Current Selections window and add the Current Selection object to a QlikView visualization
  • add the Search object and use it to search for information within the QlikView document
  • sort and filter data in a QlikView document using various methods
  • add, copy, delete, promote, and demote sheets within a QlikView document
  • align, adjust, and rearrange items in a QlikView document
  • configure sheet properties in a QlikView document
  • create and use the Bookmark feature in QlikView
  • export data from QlikView to other applications and programs
  • use the Quick Chart Wizard to create a chart in a QlikView document
  • use the Time Chart Wizard to create a time chart within a QlikView document
  • use the Statistics Chart Wizard to create a statistic chart in a QlikView document
  • manage chart properties in QlikView
  • create a pivot table in a QlikView document
  • pivot, filter, and change a pivot table in a QlikView document
  • use QlikView to create visualizations of BI data for analysis
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