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Application Deployment and Performance

Application Deployment and Performance

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QlikView offers a set of best practices as well as various tools in the Qlik Deployment Framework. In this course, you will learn about the Qlik Deployment Framework and the importance of performance and scalability.

Target Audience
Business users and professionals looking to learn how to use QlikView to create BI visualizations in QlikView


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Lesson Objectives

Application Deployment and Performance

  • start the course
  • Install Qlik deployment framework (QDF)
  • use Qlik deployment framework (QDF)
  • identify the development life cycle
  • use QlikView publisher
  • use set analysis
  • work with client access licenses
  • identify the different client access license types
  • work with QlikView architecture
  • manage QlikView resource usage
  • recognize performance tuning techniques in QlikView
  • use test data to test your application
  • work with QlikView data storage
  • improve the performance of your application
  • use direct discovery
  • perform load tests with JMeter
  • use QlikView scalability
  • scale by data and users
  • scale applications and application design
  • use QlikView to deploy your application
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