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Angular 6 Development: Introduction

Angular 6 Development: Introduction

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Angular 6 has some new features and many bug fixes. Explore those features, and learn how to create Angular 6 apps, and how to work schematics in Angular apps.

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Angular 6 Development: Introduction

  • install Angular 6 using Angular CLI
  • work with one way data binding via interpolation and property binding
  • bind events to custom methods
  • use property binding to pass input values into Angular components
  • pass data out from child components to host components
  • use the ngFor directive to repeat elements in an Angular template
  • create and add routes to an Angular app
  • use parameters in Angular routes
  • know the purpose of schematics when using Angular CLI
  • install the schematics CLI tool and use it to create a new schematic project
  • define a rule factory function with a rule that describes a transformation to be made
  • run a custom schematic and understand how to toggle dry mode
  • install and use a schematic via Angular CLI
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