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Data Analysis Application

Data Analysis Application

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While understanding data analysis key for data science, applying data analysis with different languages and applications is important for any data scientist. In this Skillsoft Aspire course, you will discover how to perform data analysis using Anaconda Python, R, and related analytical libraries and tools.

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Lesson Objectives

Data Analysis Application

  • Course Overview
  • install and configure Python using Anaconda
  • install and configure R using Anaconda
  • use Jupyter notebook to explore data
  • read data from files and write data to files using the Python Pandas library
  • import and export data in R
  • recognize and deal with missing data in R
  • use the Dplyr package in R to transform data
  • work with the Python data analysis library NumPy
  • work with the Python data analysis library Pandas
  • perform exploratory data analysis in R using mean, median, and mode
  • use the Python data analysis library Pandas to analyze data
  • use the ggplot2 library to visualize data using R
  • use Pandas built-in data visualization tools to visualize data using Python
  • perform data analysis using R and Python
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