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MySQL: Transactions, Savepoints, & Locks

MySQL: Transactions, Savepoints, & Locks

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Explore how transactions can be used to execute groups of commands in an all-or-nothing fashion, and also, how locks can be a great tool for regulating table access in situations involving multiple clients accessing the database simultaneously.

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MySQL: Transactions, Savepoints, & Locks

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • enumerate the ACID properties and their importance
  • start a transaction and execute statements within it
  • rollback insert and update commands executed within a transaction
  • identify commands that can not be rolled back once executed
  • enumerate DDL operations which are immediately reflected to database state
  • leverage stored procedures to control transaction execution
  • specify custom handlers for errors and warnings occurring within transactions
  • use savepoints to perform rollback to specific points within a transaction
  • understand precise semantics of sequential savepoints in transactions
  • create multiple client sessions connected to the same MySQL server
  • acquire a read lock on a relation and understand the semantics of read locking
  • acquire a write lock on a relation and understand the semantics of write locking
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