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AngularUI Utilities and Modules

AngularUI Utilities and Modules

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AngularJS is designed to facilitate the development of rich, robust, and single-page web applications. This course will teach you about working with two categories of AngularUI, a companion framework to AngularJS, those being AngularUI Utilities and AngularUI Modules.

Target Audience
Web developers with a basic understanding of developing AngularJS apps who wish to learn more advanced concepts related to AngularJS


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

AngularUI Utilities and Modules

  • start the course
  • format strings by substituting tokens
  • convert strings to alternative formats
  • mask inputs with custom masks
  • use an icon or link that can empty an input element
  • add multiple upload functionalities to an AngularJS app
  • create and use custom validation expressions
  • highlight block text in an AngularJS app
  • toggle an indeterminate property of a checkbox
  • create and configure unlimited length scrolling lists
  • fix elements to the page at specific points
  • utilize extra control over how items are hidden and displayed in an AngularJS app
  • include fragments in an AngularJS app
  • bind callbacks to events not natively supported by AngularJS
  • call jQuery functions and plugins directly from AngularJS
  • bind events to specific key presses in an AngularJS app
  • detect and take action when specific routes are matched
  • remove duplicates from an array of items
  • add drag and drop sortable lists to an AngularJS app
  • add a CodeMirror editor in an AngularJS app
  • add an Ace editor in an AngularJS app
  • add a TinyMCE editor in an AngularJS app
  • add a FullCalendar component in an AngularJS app
  • implement elements from AngularUI in an AngularJS app
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