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Introduction to Queries in Access 2010

Introduction to Queries in Access 2010

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Queries are used in Access 2010 to convert data into useful information and are an essential part of any database application. This course demonstrates how to create and modify a query in order to achieve specific results. It covers creating basic select queries, using Expression Builder, calculated fields, and grouping options for displaying query results. This course also demonstrates how to create crosstab, unmatched, and find duplicates queries.

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A broad range of business users

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Lesson Objectives

Introduction to Queries in Access 2010

  • recognize the basic characteristics of queries
  • create basic select queries
  • modify queries
  • use calculations to refine query data
  • apply grouping and calculating functions to query results
  • create crosstab queries
  • create unmatched queries
  • create find duplicates queries
  • create and modify a Select query
  • refine a query using groupings and calculations
  • create a Crosstab query
  • create a Find duplicates query
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