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JavaScript Front End Development: Frameworks

JavaScript Front End Development: Frameworks

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Discover how to work with JavaScript language frameworks, such as Angular, Vue.js, and React, for creating dynamic front end content for full stack applications.

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JavaScript Front End Development: Frameworks

  • create and describe the environment of a typical Angular project
  • show how Angular controllers can be used to interact with data in an application
  • demonstrate how Angular filters are used to sort and filter data
  • use Angular to validate user form input
  • recognize how to format output in Angular
  • implement a service in AngularJS
  • discuss what Vue.js is and how to implement the library
  • create and describe the structure of a typical Vue.js project using components
  • illustrate how to use directives in a simple Vue.js application
  • demonstrate a simple ReactJS web page
  • describe the key concepts of Reactive programming
  • demonstrate how to embed expressions in JSX
  • update elements on a page using the React virtual DOM
  • create a Vue.js application
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