Product Management

What you will learn

Product managers are responsible for the strategy, roadmap, and feature definition of a product. Explore best practices in product management.

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Product Management: An Overview

Course | 30m 79s

The product manager is a mini-CEO, responsible for overseeing a product through its entire lifecycle from ideation to development to market introduction to retirement. In this course, you will learn the difference in roles between a product manager and a project manager, the key responsibilities and attributes of a product manager, the four stages of product development, and how to support a product management model in your organization.

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Product Management: Building a Product Strategy

Course | 45m 41s

Building a solid product strategy is a crucial first step in creating a product that will enjoy a smooth development, meet your user's most pressing needs, and successfully find its place in the market. In this course, you will learn the key components of a successful product strategy, crucial questions to ask in defining your product strategy, the steps to creating a product strategy, how to build a data-driven product roadmap, and common mistakes in building a product strategy and how to avoid them.

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Product Management: Metrics for Product Managers

Course | 31m 39s

Metrics are a vital tool for achieving your product strategy. Using the proper metrics will let you build the right goals into your product strategy and let you know how well you are achieving those goals.In this course, you will learn how to use metrics to achieve your product strategy goals, how to build a metric-driven product strategy, key concepts for getting the most value from your metrics, how to choose metrics to help you shape your product strategy, and how to measure how successfully customer needs are being met.

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Product Management: Building a Product Roadmap and Agile Product Management

Course | 44m 1s

Organizations adopt Agile business practices in order to provide their customers with better products more quickly. Building a product roadmap helps support an organization's Agile practices by clearly identifying the why behind their product development activities. In this course, you will learn the purposes of an Agile product roadmap, the advantages for building an Agile product roadmap, the steps for building an Agile product roadmap, the best practices for building an Agile product roadmap, and the different types of Agile product roadmaps you can build.

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