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React and Flux: Creating Simple React Components

React and Flux: Creating Simple React Components

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React components are the core functionality of a React application. Components have life cycle functions to hook in code; support dynamic updating; and can be composed by using controller views. This course covers basic configuration of React components and routing between them without React Router.

Target Audience
Web application developers looking to use React for application development and Flux for unidirectional data flow


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

React and Flux: Creating Simple React Components

  • start the course
  • create a React component
  • configure simple routing between components in React without React Router
  • create a header for navigation
  • describe some considerations and conventions when naming React components
  • describe immutable props and mutable state in React components
  • use React component life cycle functions
  • add a key to dynamic child React components
  • create an API for server calls from React
  • create a component with dynamic data
  • use the getInitialState life cycle function to set initial state on a dynamic data component
  • use the componentWillMount life cycle function to update a dynamic data component
  • compose components in React
  • create a controller view in React
  • configure prop validation on React components
  • understand mixins for a React component
  • create a composite React component and wire up life cycle functions
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