Penetration Tester to SecOps Engineer

What you will learn

Reduce time and risk with SecOps Engineers that help through automation, testing, and CI/CD in a secure architecture. Move from testing and hardening ports to best practices in monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of that hardening. Implement rules of engagement and practice ethical hacking and then bring it all together through automation. Sign up for free access today and sample 7,151 courses, 110+ Practice Labs, and 10+ live online bootcamps across 67 subjects.


Pen Testing Awareness: Results Management

Course | 1h 27m 57s

Penetration testing plays a vital role in helping organizations protect their digital assets and networks, but it's only effective if you know what do to with the results. Explore various testing methods, including black box, white box, and grey box testing. Also, discover how to manage and document tests and test results, how to categorize finding, make recommendations, and communicate changes.

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Security Measures: Implementing Security Controls

Course | 1h 17m 2s

Explore the use of security controls with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Examine the anatomy of security controls, from common to the advanced and complex. Discover how to test and monitor security controls, including some of the most basic quick win controls for several control types. In addition, control policies within the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, how security controls contribute to the ISO 27002 standard in compliance, risk management scenarios, and how security controls are enforced and implemented are also covered.

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Planning Measures: Incident Response Planning

Course | 33m 47s

Explore the process of recovering from security related incidents such as malware, data leakage, or stolen equipment. Examine how to develop plans, policies, and procedures and how to form a team with well defined roles to execute these plans. Finally, examine how all these components are coordinated in practice when an incident event occurs.

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