Code of Conduct

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A Code of Conduct provides the foundation for an organization’s compliance program and corporate culture. Employee misconduct is four times more likely to be observed in organizations with weak ethical cultures as compared to organizations with strong ethical cultures. Cultivating the right mindset in every employee is necessary not only to avoid the costly consequences of violations, but also to promote a high-performing environment where individuals – and, by extension, the business – can thrive.

At Skillsoft, we understand that educating employees on a company's Code of Conduct is essential for reducing the company's exposure to risk. To meet that need, organizations must provide effective, relevant training content that keeps pace with the continually-changing legal landscape and the company’s ever-evolving response.

Organizations need a solution that is flexible and customizable. Pairing highly-engaging video content with instructional material and skill-building questions, Skillsoft’s Global Code of Conduct Solution helps establish a baseline of the company’s core values. It also enables employees to identify the risks associated with a broad spectrum of compliance issues and understand their role in avoiding violations. Our solution is designed to provide critical training that can help a company build and reinforce a lawful and ethical culture. Skillsoft’s highly flexible training solution is available in over 25 languages and can be fully customized to an organization's Code in a way that maximizes the ease and speed of deployment while leveraging the economies of off-the-shelf training.

Two examples of content covered in our solution:

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