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According to research by the World Economic Forum, employers estimate that 44% of workers’ core skills will experience disruption in the next five years.

GoodHabitz and Skillsoft share the belief that engaging and relevant personal development opportunities are essential for organizations and their employees to remain competitive and poised for innovation. GoodHabitz enables organizations to provide effective personal development through engaging learning content for all employees across an enterprise. GoodHabitz’ high-quality, competency-based learning content is designed to develop the skills that matter most in tomorrow’s workplace.

Benefits of Skillsoft + GoodHabitz

  • Diverse Assets: GoodHabitz offers content that complements Skillsoft's learning pathways, catering to employees at all levels.
  • Inclusive Learning Formats: Courses are available in various popular media formats.
  • GoodHabitz Client Success managers make sure the content fits the needs of individuals, teams, and the entire organization.
  • Course Spotlight: The Science of Happiness, The Power of Breathing, Bye-bye Burnout, Zest for Life & more
  • Offer learning content on soft skills to positively influence the wellbeing of your workforce
  • GoodHabitz content is available in the following languages: English (UK, AUS, IND), Spanish (ES, LATAM, AR), Portugues (PT, BR), German (DE, AT, CH), French (FR, BE), Dutch (NL, BE), Italian, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Chinese, Catalan
  • Content is fully localized to the region

Let’s Get Started

We’ll advise you on the set up of the integrated experience from start to finish and provide you with the best insight into the GoodHabitz collection.

Let’s get started

Learn more about GoodHabitz and how you can help your employees develop the skills they need for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our integration approach propels organizations and people to grow together through a seamless, transformative learning experience. As a Skillsoft customer, you will benefit from an SSO-based API integration with minimal administrative effort to include GoodHabitz content in your Skillsoft environment.

  • Discover: Learners can search for GoodHabitz content on Percipio, Skillsoft’s intelligent learning platform.
  • Engage: Learners launch and consume the content through seamless access to the GoodHabitz site.
  • Measure: Learner activity is tracked and the information is shared back to Percipio.

GoodHabitz content is available as an add-on purchase.