Soft Skills Training

Build Tomorrow's Leaders

The effective execution of business goals and strategies is mission critical for every organization.

Failure to achieve goals most often stems from one of three problems:

  • A breakdown in interpersonal relationships (communication or motivation, for example)
  • Failure in understanding (problem-solving or business acumen, for example)
  • Failure of competence (project management or negotiation skills, for example)

Employees can dramatically improve their soft skills proficiency by leveraging high-quality soft skills learning content in three critical areas:

  • interpersonal skills (collaboration and teamwork for example)
  • logic skills (critical thinking and decision making)
  • communication skills (listening and speaking.)

With more than 80 learning channels, Skillsoft’s Business Skills Collection provides the most comprehensive content available to help an organization’s workforce to deliver on critical business goals and strategies.

With a wide range of courses designed for soft skill development, the content portfolio is right-sized to enable an organization to provide comprehensive development opportunities to all of its employees, so they can deliver on the organization’s business goals and strategies. All courses also contain job aids and assessments for immediate on-the-job application.

We use a data-drive mix of content design approaches, represented below. The strategies are learning centric and constructed to engage both sides of the brain by fostering a linkage between emotion and cognition.

Learning Design for Engagement and Retention

Our instructional and content design strategies are continually evolving to support the needs of modern learners in the digital age. These strategies and techniques align to three learning requirements:

  1. More just-in-time, less just-in-case learning
  2. Engage the learner with visual, short and relevant content
  3. Design content for more self-directed and specialized learning.

Our newest course design addresses these learning requirements in several ways:

Designed for the non-linear mind

With short bursts of content designed for the non-linear mind of the modern learner, our customer service content is comprised of 3-5 minute micro-videos embedded within 30 minute courses. This results in dynamic options for learner - from moment of need support to more immersive learning.

Data-driven mix of content design approaches

To make the learning experience more engaging we use a data-driven mix of content design approaches in our courses. The instructional design approaches are learner-centric and carefully executed to engage both sides of the brain by fostering a linkage between cognition and emotion.

Coaching rather than mentoring

These courses use a “coaching” rather than “mentoring” approach, with an intentional emphasis on highlighting and reinforcing effective practices and approaches.

We continually invest in research on adult learning informed by brain science, to ensure that our learning solutions are engaging, meet the needs of the modern digital learner, and are effective in both changing behavior and driving measurable improvement in our customers’ businesses.

Skillsoft has partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Office of Digital Learning, and Accenture, to embark on an extensive research initiative that delves into the science of adult learning to precisely determine what instructional strategies stimulate employee engagement and interest.