Leadership Development at all Levels

Build Tomorrow's Leaders

Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is designed to meet the leadership needs of the modern organization.

It is a flexible, cost-effective solution designed to help organizations fill their leader pipeline, build capable leaders early in their careers, support leaders through critical transition points, and develop even tenured leaders in emerging digital leadership competencies.

Providing leaders with the ability to access resources (e.g. microlearning videos, books, audiobooks, and practice modules) at their moment of need helps create a habit of learning and ensures development is practical and applied on the job.

At the heart of SLDP are foundational courses with instructional content in video form, and also a variety of other resources to help reinforce learning, increase retention and help apply the learned skill on the job.

  • Courses average approximately 45 minutes of video-based instruction.
  • Each course is comprised of short 5-8-minute video segments to support single-concept micro-learning.
  • Learners benefit from an introductory reflection question for appropriate set up.

Sample Clips from SLDP "Leading Through Change" Course

But the unique value that SLDP provides is in the learning design. A few of the reasons why SLDP is so unique:

  1. The learning is scenario-based with extensive behavioral demonstration – and an emphasis on “coaching” versus training through the use of a leader-mentor.
  2. The learning is set within the team context – leaders manage teams – and we therefore need to teach the content in the context of how leaders actually operate.
  3. The scenarios are pragmatic and tackle modern leadership dilemmas in the digital age.

All these points help to make the content highly engaging and support the effective modelling of leadership behaviors for learners. The mentor / coach helps reinforce the concepts in a way that is available anytime and anywhere.

Mastering Leadership Development for a Digital Economy

What technologies are used to deploy leadership development at scale and what are the roadblocks for modernizing leadership development?