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Netec Digital

Netec es la empresa líder a nivel mundial de cursos en telecomunicaciones y habilidades de negocio gracias a nuestro método de aprendizaje, instructores expertos y la acreditación oficial de los fabricantes más importantes de tecnología.

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Sein Consulting Group

Sein Consulting Group adds more than 25 years of experience in the educational field, we started a development of a more comprehensive view for IT in Mexico, we are specialized on an optimal response of integral solutions on IT and Communication platforms, with the ability strengthen our customers through innovation.Read more

HiUMAN® Group

HiUMAN® Group is a company dedicated to Managing Human Talent providing solutions focused in Managing Potential, Increasing Productivity and Improving the Profitability of Human Resources of the best companies in Mexico.

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OpenTec specializes in developing employee skills so as to align them with the achievement of strategic organizational goals. Its virtual platforms optimize training, communication and teamwork amongst employees, thus augmenting productivity and improving skills and competencies relative to human capital development.Read more