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Sinensia IT Solutions

SINENSIA IT SOLUTIONS is a training and consulting company based in Spain, with Education Centres in Madrid and Barcelona. The company specializes

in high quality IBM, Apple and Open Source training, IT certifications, with deep experience developing courses tailored to customer needs combined

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The Avanzo Group (Grupo Avanzo)

The Avanzo Group (Grupo Avanzo) is a company with over ten years experience in the application of technological based training solutions and the development of people within organizations. Our strategy is based on the continuous search of innovative solutions, in establishing a tight relationship with our clients to look for the most effective solutions.Read more

Developing People (DP)

Developing People (DP) is the leading Spanish company on skill contents and competence-based on-line/blended itineraries with mentors. The company is strongly focused on implementing on the job skills and specially designs programs for middle management and high potentials. Gamification experts.Read more

2m Progress

2m Progress is a company specializing in HR training certified. We are experts in adapting content Skillsoft the field of skills and development of people and organizations.

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