Leading Industry Report Highlights SkillSoft's Leadership Development Program as On-Point with Industry and Customer Demands

10 February 2012 SkillSoft, a leading SaaS provider of e-learning and performance support solutions for global enterprises, announced the release of a new industry report from Bersin & Associates, the premier research and consulting firm dedicated to helping HR, talent and learning professionals drive business results. The report sang SkillSoft's praises in its leading position with blended formal and informal training. The report, "Next Generation Leadership Development: SkillSoft's Evolving Portfolio Exemplifies the Changing Nature of Leadership Programs," authored by David Mallon, vice president, Bersin & Associates and Laci Loew, senior analyst, Bersin & Associates, discusses the changing nature of today's leadership development programs. In the report, Bersin & Associates explores the evolution of blended formal and informal development programs, the importance of developing leaders at all levels and how SkillSoft's solutions address today's leadership development needs. Having flexible and blended development solutions such as SkillSoft's platform is essential when looking to step up to the evolving needs of today's leaders. "As businesses evolve their approach to leadership development by matching the needs of the next generation of executives with business goals it's important for learning vendors to deliver flexible, impactful tools for today's workplace," said David Mallon, vice president, Bersin & Associates. "We've found that SkillSoft's solutions are on-point with the evolving needs of the industry, offering an expanded portfolio of resources that includes social, on-demand, mobile, storytelling and other next generation methods. Such leadership development solutions go a long way to address development gaps for leaders at all levels and to arm them with 21st-century skills." The report also underscores the fact that the most effective value development experiences come from organisations that use a true blended, also known as a 70-20-10, approach of formal and informal development. More specifically, Bersin & Associate's research found that the most mature companies leveraged both formal and informal learning. Furthermore, companies with mature leadership development result in an increased business influence. Other key findings include:
  • Classroom lectures and e-learning are the most effective traditional delivery approach for strategic leadership development used by companies with mature leadership at 85% and 59% respectively.
  • Coaching and on-the-job training are the most effective non-traditional delivery approach for leadership development used by companies with mature leadership at 63% and 54% respectively.
To address the continuously changing nature of leadership development programs, SkillSoft's expanded portfolio offers development solutions that not only improve individual leader competence but also drive business performance. "The SkillSoft portfolio addresses development gaps for leaders at all levels while keeping aligned with an organisation's business goals," said Laci Loew, senior analyst, Bersin & Associates. Examples of SkillSoft's leadership development solutions that cater to the mobile and global leader include online courseware, an on-demand library that includes several thousand titles that cover a variety of management and leadership topics; KnowledgeCenter's Business Impact and Challenge Series which allows leaders to virtually practice decision-making skills; 50 Lessons, an online video resource targeted for leaders at all levels featuring thought leaders such as Marshall Goldsmith, Gary Hamel, Clay Christensen, and others; Leadership Development Channel, also a live and on demand video resource designed to drive immediate results; and SkillSoft Leadership Advantage, an award-winning leadership skills training and development program that delivers learning solutions at every level in two hours or less, for easy integration into busy work schedules. "The Bersin & Associates report highlights the realities of leadership development in today's on-the-go business world," said SkillSoft's Asia Pacific Vice President and Managing Director, Glenn Nott. To obtain a copy of this report, please visit: www.skillsoft.com/online/fy13/next-generation-leadership