Skillsoft Announces 10th Annual Live Events Schedule

Industry-leading CEOs, authors and academics, including Charlene Li, David Allen and Jonah Berger examine the Future of Work


Skillsoft, the global leader in corporate learning, and special guest learning industry influencers


The 2018 schedule for Skillsoft’s Live Events, an exclusive series of live, interactive webcast events featuring thought leaders who share insights on business strategies and insights to drive organizational performance. In a unique format, the sessions will offer customers of Skillsoft’s Leadership Channel and Skillsoft Professional Advantage access to the speakers through interactive Q&A sessions. The Live Events series serves as a powerful catalyst for innovation and change within an organization's management and leadership development programs. Each session also comes with a facilitation guide to give leaders actionable next steps for their learners.

Skillsoft’s Live Events are preferred by companies ranging from leading Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. On average, more than 250 organizations join each session across a range of industries, including financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and transportation. Last year, nearly 20,000 corporate learners tuned in to learn first-hand from the experts.

The 2018 series includes:

  • March 7 at 12 PM EST: David Allen, one of the world’s most influential thinkers on productivity, will present “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.” Allen will explain the five critical steps for getting anything in control and focused, with specific best practices and tools for each phase. He will pass on techniques that anyone can implement immediately, to gain greater stability, clarity and time to engage with what really matters.

  • March 22 at 12 PM EDT: Charlene Li, founder and CEO of Altimeter Group and author of many best-selling books on leadership in the digital era including the New York Times Bestseller Open Leadership, will present “Leadership in the Digital Era.” Digital technologies have revolutionized relationships, especially between leaders and their teams. To be truly engaged, effective leaders must harness the power of digital communications and branding, rather than remain on the sidelines, frozen by fear and uncertainty. Li will look at how organizations manage digital transformations, the leadership required to manage change and the culture necessary to execute on growth strategies.

  • April 24 at 12 PM EDT: Jonah Berger, professor at The Wharton School and author of Contagious and Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior, will present “Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior.” Drawing on the research for his book Invisible Influence, Berger integrates studies of business, psychology and social science to lift the cloak of invisibility from the driving forces behind our daily choices. Attendees will have an exclusive opportunity to learn how to influence others, make smarter decisions and better understand the mystery that is human behavior. With a speech brimming with ideas that will provoke deep reflection, Berger will give attendees the tools they need to capitalize on invisible influences.

  • September 12 at 12 PM EDT: Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur, lecturer and author of five books, including Willful Blindness will present “The One Firm Firm.” After years of streamlining and hunkering down to weather the financial crises, what companies now most need to do is pull their people together. Collaboration and innovation are vital skills in global business—but where do they come from? Heffernan will discuss the meaning and characteristics of collective intelligence, what gets in the way of teamwork and how great leadership teams function.

  • November 13 at 12 PM EST: Jacob Morgan, three-time best-selling author and a keynote speaker, will present “The Experiential Organization: Designing Employee Experiences So People Want to Show Up to Work.” Morgan is a futurist exploring what work will look like and how organizations can create positive employee experiences to drive engagement and productivity. He will discuss employee experience vs. employee engagement, how to design and create employee experiences and what some of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations are doing.


Each Live Event will be archived and made available on our platform after the initial webcast. For more information about the Skillsoft Leadership Channel and Skillsoft Professional Advantage, please visit

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