Get Into Programming with Python Bootcamp

Become a Python Pro!

Free On-Demand Bootcamp

Python is one of the most powerful and widely used programming languages in use today.

Why? It's Open Source with no license fees, it can help you be more productive by minimizing repetitive tasks, and facilitates data mining of text that is efficient and reusable

Get Into Programming with Python is a Bootcamp aimed at absolute beginners in computer programming, diving into the Python coding language. Dive into the jargon commonly used, develop small and easy computer programs, and build the future-ready skills you need to accelerate your career.

You'll Learn to:

  1. Build and run your first program
  2. Create functions
  3. Identify and fix common errors

There are no prerequisites for this course. Prior to attending the live sessions, please install Pycharm, the Python IDE that will be used in this Bootcamp:


Session One

  • Variables
  • Statements and expressions
  • Variable types
  • Casting
  • The print command

Session Two

  • Decisions

  • Flow charts

  • Algorithms

  • Compound statements

  • Iteration

  • For and while loops

Session Three

  • Arrays
  • Array elements and positioning
  • Iterating
  • Array functions

Session Four

  • Array functions
  • Parameters and arguments
  • Syntax and logic errors
  • Object-oriented programming

Axle Barr

Axle Barr is excited to share his wealth of knowledge through the creation and delivery of IT courses. He has a degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Educational Technology, which serves him well in the role of instructor. In addition to these credentials, Axle also holds multiple certifications, including Project Management’s CAPM, MCSD, and ESL. Although Axle began his career as a financial planner, he later transitioned into IT because of a keen interest in software development. This has led to an impressive portfolio involving several programming and scripting languages, databases, and computer networking technologies.

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