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How to Remain Competitive in IT: Training for IT & Developers

The demand for highly skilled tech professionals is skyrocketing, offering immense opportunity for those who keep up.

But the breakneck pace of change has also made continual training an imperative for IT professionals and developers, who are undertaking training at stunning rates: A recent Spiceworks + Skillsoft survey found that 60% of IT pros have taken training in the past year alone, and 35% have earned certifications in the same period.

Spiking demand presents ripe opportunity for career growth. But which skills are crucial to remain competitive, and which are most valuable in the marketplace? What types of training effect the best results?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the expertise you need to keep up in the rapidly evolving field, as well as:

  • Industry trends
  • The most in-demand skills
  • How to pick the right training for you (eLearning, hands-on, videos, etc.)
  • The most popular certifications – and which offer the best return