Research Report

IDC: Addressing the Challenge of Adopting and Scaling DevOps

Create a Foundation for DevOps Success

The new digital economy is moving at breakneck speed, and organizations that do not modernize their application delivery practices will be left behind and ultimately irrelevant. As enterprises begin to mature, they hit a ceiling of scalability and struggle to expand DevOps' use across their application portfolio.

In this IDC Report, Jim Mercer provides the framework organizations need to improve their application delivery quality, velocity, and agility. Scaling DevOps across your application landscape requires:

  • Due diligence of gaining support from executive leadership
  • Building the proper agile foundation
  • Using automation to drive velocity
  • Leveraging 3rd Platform technologies
  • Fostering a cross-functional culture of trust and transparency.

Start scaling DevOps within your organization with this IDC report.

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