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Ideas for Incorporating Social Learning "by design" for Learning Impact

As organizations seek to deliver the most impactful learning prescriptions, conversations related to the right blend/mix of learning assets is top of mind. Today’s learner has less time to commit to learning, but yet has more dynamic learning needs — some of which are unknown due to today’s ever-changing business climate. Empowering learners with access to the right learning resources — including access to peers and individuals within the organization who possess expertise and practical experience is key to a self-developing organization. How does L&D today respond to these requirements and create or influence social learning opportunities? Come and learn about how Skillsoft’s esteemed customers solved for this in creative and engaging ways. This session will help you recognize the value in incorporating social learning opportunities into your program, and will provide you with a number of tested and effective strategies that you can readily implement. It will draw on the 70/20/10 model, with a clear emphasis on how the 20 percent of social learning can positively impact both individual and face-to-face learning.