Python for DevOps


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With software systems, for every failed perfect solution that never got implemented, there is a reasonable solution that could have improved things. Learn to embrace imperfect, but useful, automation and you will never look at a boring task the same way again

Target Audience:

If you are a DevOps engineer and want to automate tasks more effectively. You perform IT and want to get into DevOps. You are a developer who wants to become better at DevOps - this course will cover the fiercely effective ways to “get stuff done” in Python.


Beginning Python skills (or proficiency in a scripting language and a basic understanding of Python syntax) Basic understanding of cloud computing concepts. Comfort working with Linux

Key Technologies:

This workshop will be taught using Colab, an interactive Jupyter environment, with hands-on, real-world code examples. Having a google account will be helpful to run the colab notebook. Alternatively, you can follow along with a Jupyter Notebook instance you have access to. You will be provided with a free coding sandbox with Juptyter access as part of a Skillsoft Percipio trial.

Additionally, it will be helpful to have free accounts for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud for sections that use those resources.


Session One

  • Introduction to Python for DevOps
  • Automating Text and Filesystem

Session Two

  • Developing with the Command Line
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery

Noah Gift

Noah Gift is a lecturer at the Duke Graduate Data Science program, Northwestern Graduate Data Science program and UC Davis Graduate School of Management in the MSBA program. Professionally, Noah has approximately 20 years’ experience programming in Python and is a Python Software Foundation Fellow. He has worked for a variety of companies in roles ranging from CTO, general manager, consulting CTO, and cloud architect. Currently, he is consulting start-ups and other companies on machine learning and cloud architecture and is doing CTO-level consulting as the founder of Pragmatic AI Labs. You can find more about Noah by following him on Github, visiting, or connecting with him on https:// He is the author of several books including Pragmatic AI, Python for DevOps, and Practical MLOps.

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