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Critical IT Skill Development: Using Skillsoft to Solve 5 Use Cases

In this IDC report, learn to maximize the business benefits of IT skills development programs with Skillsoft.

In this report, IDC explores the learning programs of five Skillsoft customers. It presents the needs and challenges each customer faced and how they relied on Skillsoft to arrive at their desired outcomes — ranging from increased employee retention to creating a culture of learning.

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Preview: Use Case #1 (New Skill)

Black Knight Financial was on a journey to provide 4,500 employees with additional opportunities to gain business skills through its “Managing for Success” program. The results of a Percipio deployment yielded a +$2.6 million ROI and cut its employee turnover rate nearly in half. Gain access to the report to learn how Black Knight achieved these results.

Read How These Customers Partnered with Skillsoft to Create the Maximum Business Impact

This report will help both IT and learning and development leaders understand how these customers worked with Skillsoft to meet their goals in the following five areas:

  1. New skills — Provide skills related to a new technology, process, or other change.
  2. Upskilling — Provide employees the skills to pursue a more advanced role or promotion in the same career path.
  3. Reskilling — Reskill employees to fill critical roles, often in a different career path.
  4. Ongoing — Ongoing training of a team and users to support the continued and/or expanded use of all types of skills and reinforce company values.
  5. Lifelong learner — Leverage a learning culture to attract prospective new hires and help engage and retain current employees.

IDC details the use cases of each of the five companies, providing structure for measurement and telling how they overcame obstacles and, ultimately, achieved their desired outcomes.

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