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Safeguard Your Organization for the Year Ahead: Top 3 Safety Initiatives for 2018

Maintaining the safety of your employees and your businesses and mitigating the risks that can cause injury or damage is at the core of any safety and health program. With a complex regulatory environment and continuously shifting requirements, it can be difficult to determine what health and safety initiatives to push forward. With the first half of the year complete, now is the time for organizations to assess their current safety programs and determine what their focus will be now and into the new year.

Join us as we discuss the top safety initiatives emerging on the dockets of health and safety professionals in 2018.

  • Hear from leading industry experts on the workplace safety concerns driving initiatives in 2018
  • Learn what safety trends and issues should be on your radar in the year ahead
  • And learn what steps you can take to ensure the safety of both your employees and your organization