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Skillsoft Aspire Journeys: A Progressive and Prescriptive Approach to Holistic Learning

To equip organizations in lifting the readiness and performance levels of their workforce, and the ability to adapt to future technology, Skillsoft has developed a sequenced instruction – Aspire – learning journeys that methodically progress learners on sequenced instruction, multi-modal learning tools, hands-on practice and prescribed tasks, functions, or roles so an individual can move towards their aspirational role.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How once distinct learner personas are now converging and the boundaries between the two blurring
  • How you can support continuous learning for all levels in your organization
  • How Skillsoft learning journeys can improve the readiness and performance of your tech workforce
  • How your employees can learn through experience and practice
  • The four key elements to Skillsoft Aspire learning journeys