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Hybrid Cloud Architecture & Deployment: AWS Data & Service Migration

Hybrid Cloud Architecture & Deployment: AWS Data & Service Migration

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Explore the concepts of cloud migration and database and server migration using the various tools and services provided by AWS. Examine core concepts, such as refactoring, replatforming, rehosting, and repurchasing.

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Lesson Objectives

Hybrid Cloud Architecture & Deployment: AWS Data & Service Migration

  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
  • distinguish between replatforming and refactoring migration approaches using real-time scenarios
  • describe rehosting for cloud migration and AWS rehosting tools
  • identify the essential drivers of repurchasing along with the benefits associated with the approach of repurchasing
  • recognize the AWS services that make migrating servers and databases easier and faster
  • recognize the essential approaches of managing data migration in AWS using Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration, AWS Snowball, and Amazon Kinesis Firehose
  • import virtual machine images from existing on-premise environments to Amazon EC2 instances and export them back to on-premises environments
  • list the steps involved in migrating web applications to AWS
  • recall the AWS featured services that are used during cloud migration processes
  • migrate enterprise web applications to AWS
  • demonstrate the steps involved in migrating dockerized monolithic applications to containerized Microservices on AWS
  • list cloud migration tools provided by AWS, recall AWS tools used to manage data migration, and specify benefits associated with repurchasing
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