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Skillsoft adds key thought leaders to Expert Insights portfolio in third quarter

November 17, 2020 | by Shannon Luttge
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Skillsoft Expert Insights and Leadership Insights are short, highly actionable videos from industry-leading experts across leadership and business. Expert Insights videos deliver a quick hit enabling learners to enhance and improve their effectiveness, productivity, and skillset. These videos are leveraged by the Skillsoft learner audience, which exceeds 1.25 million executives and professionals in Fortune 1000 companies and smaller organizations across the globe.

In the third quarter of 2020, Skillsoft added over 60 new Expert Insights videos into Skillsoft’s learning experience platform, Percipio, featuring insights from industry experts such as:

Here’s my go-to playlist for a sampling from each of the newly added contributors:

  • Becoming a Digital Minimalist featuring Cal Newport
  • Creating Excellence featuring Ayse Birsel
  • What is this Thing Called Chemistry, and How Do We Get It? featuring Dan Coyle
  • Engaged, Enabled, and Energized;the Three E’s of a Great Work Culture featuring Chester Elton
  • How to Cultivate Loyalty and Build Long-Term Value featuring Amy Franko
  • Navigating Periods of Uncertainty with Confidence and Resilience featuring Dane Jensen
  • Harnessing the Power of Imagery featuring Peter Jensen
  • Protecting Your Time and Energy featuring Amy Jen Su
  • Developing Your Operating Framework featuring Ryan Hawk
  • Building Digital Literacy featuring Tony Saldanha

Expert Insights videos are included in our Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) powered by MIT SMR (shown as Leadership Insights), Digital Transformation Collection, and Business Skills Collection. Experience them on Percipio!

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Shannon Luttge is Senior Manager of Leadership Content at Skillsoft.