Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions and StoneTurn

Helping Organizations Better Identify and Mitigate Risk

Risks associated with fraud, bribery, and corruption are increasing daily. By conducting risk assessments, enhancing due diligence efforts, and refreshing training, businesses can help mitigate misconduct and protect their organizations.

Skillsoft Compliance and StoneTurn, a global advisory firm that assists organizations with regulatory, risk and compliance issues, investigations and business disputes, have formalized a partnership designed to streamline the management of risk across an organization.

Through this partnership, Skillsoft Compliance customers can access StoneTurn’s advisory services, including:

  • Code of Conduct – Benchmarking and Enhancement Review: Assess an organization’s code of conduct and provide recommendations on how to incorporate industry and other best practices and mitigate exposure to risks.

  • Compliance Program Review, Benchmarking, and Enhancement: Identify and assess potential risks and compliance gaps and assist with the design, implementation, and/or enhancement of an effective compliance program.
  • Risk Assessment: Identify and assess key risk areas, evaluate existing risk mitigation measures, and recommend risk and compliance program enhancements to minimize critical risks.


A Conversation with Skillsoft and StoneTurn

Part 1: Your Code of Conduct

Toby Ralston, StoneTurn

Toby Ralston talks about how organizations can enhance and update their code of conduct to keep it relevant and impactful, sharing tips on how to address current issues and how to incorporate your organizational voice.

Part 2: How a Risk Assessment Informs Your Code of Conduct

Charlie Voelker, Skillsoft

In this episode, Charlie Voelker discusses the foundational role the risk assessment plays in Code of Conduct training and compliance training in general. He explains how compliance training can be a valuable source of data to drive program updates and improvements.

Part 3: Conducting Effective Risk Assessments

Jamen Tyler, StoneTurn

Jamen Tyler provides insight on risk assessment best practices from clearly scoping the assessment to leveraging operational data. She also shares advice on how to conduct a virtual risk assessment in the era of Covid-19.

Part 4: Managing Your Risks Through a Risk Assessment

John Arendes, Skillsoft

In this episode, John Arendes explores the ways that compliance practitioners can put the risk assessment findings into practice – from training curriculum to communication practices to reporting.

Part 5: Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Stephen Martin, StoneTurn

Stephen Martin discusses the 2020 Department of Justice Update and the new emphasis on continuous program improvement. He looks at how companies can use data and information to support ongoing monitoring and to update policies and procedures.

Live webinar: Evolving Your Compliance Program: From Risk Assessments to Code of Conduct Training to Continuous Improvement.

How do best in class organizations use risk assessments and other data to inform their compliance programs? Sign up to the live webinar to find out:

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Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Time:  12 PM EST

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Experts Stephen Martin, Partner, and Jamen Tyler, Managing Director, at global advisory firm StoneTurn, sat down with us to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive.

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