Research Report

Transforming Talent in the Modern Workforce

Changes in the world of work, evolving employee expectations and advances in technology are creating a perfect storm that is transforming the modern workforce and the modern workplace. Pitched against a backdrop of growing skills gaps, the pressures for organisations to rethink their talent approach – and systems – is intense. So, how prepared are organisations for the modern workforce? And how prepared is their talent management agenda for this fast-moving world? The answer appears to be that they are not.

There are a significant majority of companies who risk being left behind whilst their more agile competitors take the war for talent to the next level.

This research looks to lift the lid on the most important aspects of the changing workforce, the modern workplace and talent management, and understand how organisations are responding to positively engage with the workers of today – and tomorrow.

This research was conducted independently by Fosway Group in 2017, surveying Skillsoft and SumTotal customers from the EMEA region.