Perspectives 22 - Unleashed

Join us on September 14th in Washington DC
as we propel people and organizations to grow together.

Empowering Leaders at All Levels by Leveraging the Power of Coaching 


The session explores the dynamic intersection of coaching at scale and leadership development. It delves into strategies and practices that enable organizations to cultivate leadership skills and qualities throughout their ranks, emphasizing that leadership is not confined to top executives but can be fostered at every level. The discussion highlights how coaching can be a potent tool to unlock potential, drive innovation, and enhance organizational performance by equipping individuals at all tiers with the skills and mindset needed to lead effectively.


  • Rekha Shafee Ahmed, Senior Vice President - Learning Partner Lead, HDFC
  • Hemalakshmi Raju, Chief Learning Officer, Reliance Industries
  • Sonal Vaidya, Global Head - Organisation Development & Effectiveness, LTTS
  • Binoj Vasu, Chief Learning Officer, YES Bank


  • Ankur Gupta, Vice President - Marketing, Skillsoft