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Demystifying AI: The New Skills Every Business Will Need in Their Workforce


The ascent of artificial intelligence has become a transformative driver of innovation across virtually every modern industry. As organizations tap into AI, business and technology leaders are now better equipped than ever to analyze their challenges, model new solutions, optimize infrastructure, and power the bottom line. But unlocking the full potential of this new technology starts with setting teams and employees up for success. In this timely and thought-provoking discussion, we will explore the emerging roles and skills businesses will require to leverage the full scope of AI’s capabilities — while offering leaders a roadmap for recruiting and training the right talent up and down the ranks.


  • Vasudevan Narasimha, Founder & Designated Partner BluTech Talent Plus LLP
  • Govind Srinivasan, VP L&D, Conduent


  • Divyesh Sindhwaad, Area Vice President - India, Skillsoft