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Grace Samson-Song

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About Me

Grace Samson-Song is a global executive coach, speaker and author. Grace is a Skillsoft coach and the founder of The Maximize Group LLC, a global training and coaching company. She is passionate about helping people move to their next level of brilliance.

Grace has extensive international experience working with corporate leaders both in conference settings and individual sessions. Prior to becoming an executive coach, Grace worked for over 10 years as a corporate trainer in the retail and hospitality sectors where she trained and provided motivational sessions to thousands of customer-facing employees, enabling them to offer exceptional service to customers, clients and guests. She has helped new and existing leaders in management positions to be effective in their roles.

Through the success of these trainings, she began working with c-suite leaders and senior management to strategize for business growth and strategic direction, while motivating their teams through training and workshops to align with corporate vision for maximum impact.

Grace obtained her coach training from the Coactive Training Institute (CTI) based in San Rafael, California and is professionally certified on a PCC level by the international Coaches Federation (ICF).

Grace also holds a diploma in Customer Relationship Management from the University of South Africa and a diploma in Food Science & Technology from Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigeria. Grace is also a licensed Personality assessment consultant.

Grace believes travel is one of the highest forms of education. In the last two decades, Grace has traveled to over 40 countries in 5 continents. Her passion for unlocking potential in people continues to be her core motivation.

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