Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We've heard you.

Current tragic events remind us constantly that injustice and inequality exist — and have existed for far too long — in real and tangible ways, both within our communities and in business. But it’s often hard to know what to do, how to help, or where to start as individuals, and as organizations supporting the growth and development of all people.

All organizations (including yours and ours) need bold leaders to ignite change and create and sustain long-term momentum. Leaders, at every level, must be equipped to effectively eliminate racism, discrimination, and bias in the workplace.

Embracing Allyship Leadercamp: Take your diversity, equity, and inclusion commitment to the next level.

We're honored to present "Embracing Allyship," featuring La'Wana Harris, a certified diversity coach, transformational speaker, celebrated author, and community activist.

In the second of our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) Leadercamp series, we'll look at what it means to be an ally, and why allyship is so important in the continued journey toward real diversity, true equity, and meaningful inclusion.

In an interactive and thought-provoking hour, "Embracing Allyship" will provide expert guidance and a safe discussion forum to help you take the next step. You'll have the information and insight you need to become a thoughtful and productive ally for underrepresented groups in your workplace and community.

Our world-class inclusion coach will:

  • Walk you through the stages from DEI Actor to Ally to Accomplice.
  • Help you distinguish between performative allyship and thoughtful allyship.
  • Encourage you to assess your current assumptions and behavior and give you the confidence to make changes.
  • Provide compelling samples of allyship in action.
  • Supply lists of Do's and Don'ts that you can share with others.
  • Point you to additional valuable resources and opportunities for learning.

About Your Coach

  • La’Wana Harris, CDE, ACC, is a Certified Diversity Executive, an ICF Credentialed Coach, and a global leadership development professional who has dedicated her career to aligning performance with business strategy.
  • La’Wana has received numerous industry and community awards — most recently, as one of 2018’s 100 Most Inspiring People in the life-sciences industry by PharmaVOICE magazine. She also received the Women in Leadership award from the National Black MBA Association and was invited to join the Forbes Coaches Council. She currently serves on the global board of directors for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.
  • A servant leader, foreign and domestic missionary, and a passionate activist, La’Wana believes in meeting people where they are to combat racism, poverty and injustice. Her most recent book, Diversity Beyond Lip Service: A Coaching Guide for Challenging Bias, introduces an "inside out" approach for DEI work. Visit lawanaharris.com to learn more.

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