Hi, I'm
Ryan Ahern

Director, Global Portfolio Marketing

About Me

As the evangelist for Skillsoft’s transformative learning platform, Ryan’s mission is to help learners future-proof their skills by building on the foundation they already have. Ryan leads the go-to-market lifecycle for feature launches, enhancements, and learning ecosystem integrations and also empowers customers by delivering the resources they need to lead successful reskilling and upskilling programs.

Ryan firmly believes in the power of learning that feels personal, interesting, and fun. He graduated with a degree in English from Fairfield University. And with over 14 years of experience in marketing various tech products, Ryan can personally attest to the value of upskilling — he is especially proud of his collection of digital badges in blockchain, AI, agile methodologies, and digital marketing. Ryan is also a fan of the Pragmatic Institute, holding several product marketing-focused certifications.

Ryan lives in a suburb just north of the city of Boston with his wife and two young daughters, who constantly remind him of the sheer joy of learning new things daily. Outside of work, he enjoys chasing around his family, cooking, running, reading, playing golf, surfing, and generally spending as much time outdoors as possible.

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